Interior Designers

Interior Designers

We’ve heard it said often – “there’s got to be a better way”; now there is!

We offer inspect and supply a detailed report with photography for all items received within 24hrs.  For damaged items, we provide “close-ups” and “full view” images.  For select manufacturers, we provide images of necessary tags (i.e. Rowe).

ALL of the inventory we receive is stored in our inventory management system and barcoded.  We have full visibility, knowing the location and status of each piece we receive.  It also allows us to attach all images and notes for tracking and historical purposes.  Never will there be a doubt when, what and where your products are.

But we go further…ever think that once it goes to the “receiver” you lose control of your brand as the responsibility to install your design falls to another company? 

We view ourselves as an extension of your company and want you and your brand visible to the client through to completion – placing furniture in home.  In support of this, we print co-branded t-shirts for our crew with your logo on the front; ours is small on the back under the neck.  When your client opens the door, they see your logo and a respectable crew who assemble and place all furniture bringing your designs to fruition.

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