Frequently Asked Questions

Are you insured and is co-insurance an option?






Yes, we are fully insured and happy to share our Certificate of Liability Insurance, which covers Product-Comp up to $3M.
Co-insurance is available. Upon working agreement, all we need is the name and address for coverage.


What is the time line from receiving to delivering if local?


Schedule pending, we’re able to set up most current deliveries within day(s)

What are your hours?

Receiving hours are from 8:30am-2:30pm Monday-Friday.  Deliveries can be accepted at other times with prior arrangements.

What is your delivery territory?



Northern California & Western Nevada. We’ve worked from Santa Cruz to Redding and East to Tahoe/Reno



Does your warehouse have a dock?




Yes, we have 5 docks 2 ground level rollup doors.  Plus a fork lift, pallet jack, etc.



What size of trucks can you receive?





Full size 53-foot tractor-trailers (18-wheelers)


Is there assistance to unload the trucks?


Yes, we will have someone on-site daily

Is there on hand repair?


We’ve have partners who can offer free estimates for all wood refinishing and upholstery needs.


Do you have a “handyman” to assist with picture hanging, light/fan installation, etc.


We work with a husband/wife duo (Joe & Chicky) that are for hire on local installations. Extended travel opportunities (Tahoe/Bay) are possible, but on a case-by-case basis.


Do you store product for a certain amount of time and is there a storage charge?




Yes. We offer short term (daily) and long term (monthly) service.  Fees are assessed by pallet or product size.




Do you have a place where outside techs can work on a product to bring it back to manufacture standard?




Yes, we’ve allocated several hundred square feet of space where assembly and refurbishing can take place.

How will you support us when product arrives damaged? Will you send us photos?




Of course! We’ll send you photos and a description upon receipt and identification of any damage.



Will you be in touch with my clients quickly if there is a situation that occurs so they can contact me?



We’ve established an inspection service level agreement (SLA) equal or less than 24hrs. to ensure timely communications to all of our clients & vendors.


Our residences are 3 bedroom or larger, do you have space to hold that quantity of items for up to 2 months before we are ready to install?





Yes. We have a 30,000 sq.ft. of warehouse space